Oreo Wallet

OreoWallet Service Agreement

Last updated on 2024-04-10.

This OreoWallet Service Agreement (“this Agreement”) is entered into by you (“you” or “User”) and OreoWallet (OreoWallet or “we”) and is legally binding on you and OreoWallet. Before using the OreoWallet, we suggest that you carefully read the full content of this Agreement and other documents mentioned in this Agreement. By downloading the OreoWallet and starting to create or import wallet, you agree that you have read and accepted all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, which shall cause this Agreement to become effective and legally binding to both you and OreoWallet immediately. OreoWallet may, at its sole discretion, modify or replace this Agreement at any time. The modified Agreement will automatically take effect once it is posted in the OreoWallet site, and you will not be notified separately. Your use of OreoWallet after any modification to this Agreement constitutes your acceptance of this Agreement as modified. If you do not agree with the modifications, you shall cease to use the OreoWallet immediately.

A. Definition

  1. OreoWallet: this refers the extension blockchain wallet developed by OreoWallet based on the Ironfish blockchain system and other supporting tools which are developed for the convenience of the Users when using blockchain systems.
  2. User: a User must be a natural person who acts in conformity with local regulatory requirements within applicable jurisdiction, reaches the legal age of using the OreoWallet and is able to assume legal or monetary obligations arising from using the OreoWallet.
  3. Create or import Wallet: means you use the OreoWallet to create or import a Wallet.
  4. Wallet Password: this refers to the password you set when you create OreoWallet. The Wallet Password will be used to encrypt and protect your Private Key locally.
  5. Private Key: Private Key is the core for the User to hold and use the Tokens.
  6. Address: is derived from the Private Key based on cryptography. A wallet address is for receiving of Tokens.
  7. Mnemonic Words: consists of 24 words which are randomly generated, the industry standard of blockchain. It is a human-readable format of words to back up your Private Key for recovery.
  8. Coins/Tokens: means the tokens which are supported by the OreoWallet currently, including but not limited to IRON.

B. Risks

You understand and acknowledge that blockchain technology is a field of innovation where the laws and regulations are not fully established. You may be faced with material risks including instability of technology or failure of Tokens redemption. You shall make investment decisions and hold or dispose of the Tokens in a reasonable way and corresponding to your financial status and risk preferences. Trading digital assets is the free choice and decision of the user, and you shall bear the risks and possible losses. OreoWallet does not make any express or implied warranties for users to use the OreoWallet service, including but not limited to the suitability of the service provided by OreoWallet, no errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, and suitability for a specific purpose. At the same time, OreoWallet does not make any promises and guarantees for the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, completeness and timeliness of the technology and information involved in the services provided by OreoWallet. Whether to log in and use the services provided by OreoWallet is the user's personal decision, and at their own risk and possible loss.

C. Services

  1. Create or import a Wallet. You may use the OreoWallet to create a new wallet or import wallets generated by other wallet applications.
  2. Transfer/receive or mint/burn Coins/Tokens. You may manage your digital Tokens by using the transfer and receiving functionalities or dapp provider features of the OreoWallet. The actual transfer and receiving of Tokens happen on the blockchain system (instead of in the OreoWallet). You understand that blockchain operations are “irrevocable”. When you use the OreoWallet to transfer Tokens, you shall be responsible for the consequences of your mishandling the transfer (including but not limited to wrong addresses, wrong amounts, problems of the node servers selected by you).
  3. Manage Tokens. You may use the OreoWallet to add, manage the Tokens supported by OreoWallet.
  4. Transaction records. We will copy all or part of your transaction records from the blockchain system. However, Users shall refer to the blockchain system for the latest transaction records.
  5. Change, suspension, restriction, or termination of service. You understand that under certain circumstances, we may change, suspend, restrict, or terminate the functions of the OreoWallet used by a particular User. You are entitled to export your wallets within a reasonable amount of time if OreoWallet changes, suspends, or terminates its services.
  6. Other services that OreoWallet would like to provide. Users who accept the services mentioned above provided by OreoWallet must understand that: The user bears full responsibility for any operation and consequences of using the OreoWallet account and password. Users shall take care of their mobile devices, Wallet Password, Private Key, Mnemonic Words, and Keystore by themselves. OreoWallet does not store or hold the above information for Users. You shall be responsible for any risks, liabilities, losses, and expenses that result from fraud, the loss of your mobile devices, disclosing (whether actively or passively) or forgetting the Wallet Password, Private Key, Mnemonic Words, or your wallet being attacked.

D. Your Rights and Obligations

  1. User commitment. You promise that you have full capacity for civil rights and capacity, or although you do not have full capacity for civil rights and capacity, but click the agree to register button, it will be deemed to have been approved by your legal representative and registered and applied OreoWallet services by your legal representative.
  2. Create or import wallet. You are entitled to use OreoWallet on your computer or mobile devices to create and/or import wallet, set Wallet Password, and use your wallet to transfer and receive Tokens on the blockchain.

E. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

You understand and agree that within the maximum scope permitted by law, OreoWallet can only provide the services listed in this agreement in accordance with the current technical level and conditions. If losses are caused to you due to the following force majeure or other reasons beyond our control, this platform will not be liable within the scope permitted by law.

  1. Malfunction of OreoWallet resulting from system maintenance or upgrading of OreoWallet, or force majeure, such as typhoon, earthquake, flood, lightning, or terrorist attack, etc., or any other reasons not imputed to the OreoWallet;
  2. Users who lose their mobile devices, delete OreoWallet and wallets without back-up, forget Wallet Passwords, Private Keys, Mnemonic Words, Keystores without back-up, unfamiliar with the knowledge of blockchain which results in the loss of their Tokens;
  3. OreoWallet is unable to copy accurate transaction records due to system delay or blockchain instability etc.
  4. If you use OreoWallet or other applications with the same name as “OreoWallet” from any unauthorized third party, OreoWallet cannot guarantee the normal operation or security of such application, any loss caused by using such application shall be borne by you.

F. Privacy Policy

OreoWallet respects the privacy of users. You understand and agree that when you use the services provided by OreoWallet, you agree that OreoWallet can collect, store, disclose, use and protect your personal information within a reasonable and legal scope. Including incoming/outgoing viewkeys to decrypt and track your transactions, personal registration information provided by the user; when the user uses the OreoWallet service, OreoWallet automatically receives and records the server value on the user's browser, including but not limited to data such as IP address and data records requested by the user; and OreoWallet, other user personal information obtained through legal means, etc. The user's successful registration with OreoWallet shall be deemed as the user's agreement that OreoWallet can collect and use the above-mentioned various types of information of the user without requiring the user's additional consent.

G. Entire Agreement

  1. This agreement consists of "OreoWallet Service Agreement" and various rules published by OreoWallet from time to time.
  2. Any translated version of this agreement is provided for the convenience of users only, and there is no intention to modify the terms of this agreement.

H. Miscellaneous

As for issues not covered in this Agreement, you shall comply with the announcements and relevant rules as updated by OreoWallet from time to time.