Oreo Wallet
OreoWallet Is Live
By fishguy
April 10, 2024


Ironfish is a pow-based, privacy-focused blockchain enabled by zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). Ironfish aims to build decentralized privacy solution for crypto.

Ironfish account

Since Ironfish's privacy nature, an Ironfish account consists of spendingKey, 3 viewKeys (viewKey, incomingViewKey, outgoingViewKey) and public address. Public address for receiving, viewkeys for transactions decryption and spendingkey for transaction signing (asset management).

Different wallet type of Privacy-foucesd blockchain

  1. Type1 Wallet: Cex wallet, fully-custodial wallet.

  2. Type2 Wallet: SpendingKey is safely saved locally while viewkeys are uploaded to a remote server for better experience. Transactions are signed locally while transaction decryption and utxos-indexing rely on customsized remote server.

  3. Type3 Wallet: Both transaction decryption and creation are performed locally while transaction fetching/broadcasting rely on a public remote rpc node like metamask.

  4. Type4 Wallet: A wallet embedded into a full node, syncs blocks/transactions with P2P network directly.


OreoWallet aims to build an easy-to-use Type2 extension wallet for Ironfish blockchain and we already have the first working version. While we are still working on ui/ux improvements and server optimization, we can't wait to share the features we already have with you and invite Ironfish community to have a try.

  1. Basic Wallet Functionality: Create/import account, receive/send IRON coin and user created assets (verified assets by IF team).
  2. Orescriptions NFT: Privacy NFT display/receive/send.
  3. Dapp Provider: Interact with OreoWallet from dapp.

Since OreoWallet is still in development, we recommend users to create a new wallet to test first!!! Do read the agreement in oreowallet website and keep your fund safely.