Oreo Wallet
OreoWallet Meets NYM Mixnet
By fishguy
June 16, 2024

NYM, for Privacy on Layer0

"Existing internet protocols leak sensitive data that can be used without users knowledge. The Nym mixnet shields IP addresses and traffic patterns in decentralized ways."

OreoWallet, for Privacy Blockchain on Transaction Layer

The native cryptocurrency wallet for privacy foucsed blockchain IronFish.

Why this feature?

With NYM stack, OreoWallet users can benefit from IronFish and NYM at same time and realize privacy on transaction layer, as well as data routing layer. Requests of OreoWallet users will travel in mixNet to shield IP addresses then no one can get users' IP information with mixNet features.

How OreoWallet implements this feature?

NYM provides an easy to use mixFetch wrapper of fetch for js developer. OreoWallet refactors the network request struct to match the requirements and limitations of mixFetch. All in all, OreoWallet add a new method to network requester backed by mixFetch.

How to use mixNet feature with OreoWallet?

OreoWallet users can choose to use mixNet or not by themselves, to enable or disable mixNet,

  1. Navigate to setting.
  2. Navigate to manage network.
  3. Enable or disable mixNet by enable mixnet button.

What's the disadvantage of mixNet?

  1. Worst network delay, because there are more hops to travel in mixNet before the data packet delivered.
  2. Worst experience, because there are more than 1 request from OreoWallet client to server to keep wallet status up-to-date, but only 1 request can be processed by mixNet at the same time.

You can choose the best option for yourself, tradeoff between experience and privacy.

Since OreoWallet is still in development, we recommend users to create a new wallet to test first!!! Do read the agreement in oreowallet website and keep your fund safely.